Access Control/Security Cameras
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Gordon Safe & Lock takes your personal and commercial security issues and needs seriously.

We offer a wide variety of restricted access / access control products and services, please choose a topic below that you would like to know more about,

Mechanical & Electronic Stand Alone Push Button Access

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Gordon Safe & Lock Inc. has provided Mechanical & Electronic Pushbutton Access for Banks, Commercial Businesses and Home Owners Associations in and around the Houston area for over 4 decades. Stand alone pushbutton locksets, whether mechanical or electronic, are excellent ways to provide non-key access for small to medium size applications (for larger application click here). These stand alone units come from the basic mechanical pushbutton to units that have the capability of audit trail and over 1000 user codes. We are proud to offer and service a wide variety of these products to ensure the security that our customers need.

  • PushButton Access
  • Electrified Lock Sets
  • And Much More..
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  • Biometrics Readers
  • Electronic Strikes
  • Electromagnetic Locks
  • Card Readers
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Remote Control Access

HD Security Cameras and Services

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Gordon Safe & Lock is an expert in servicing and installing HD security camera solutions. Whether you need a new camera system or need to have your current system diagnosed and repaired we can professionally handle your needs. We are proud to offer the following on-site services for your protection and surveillance needs:

  • Site Surveys for new installations
  • Custom installation to fit any surveillance needs
  • WEB based CCTV systems let you view your cameras remotely
  • IP platform CCTV Systems
  • Diagnosis and repair current systems
  • And more....
  • Reduce your employee shrinkage
  • Reduce your losses due to theft
  • Reduce your insurance expense
  • Reduce fraudulent insurance claims by employees and customers
  • Reduce your after hours security costs
  • Increase your employees Productivity
  • Increase customer service
  • Increase customer and employee safety
  • Increase your ability to efficiently manage your business
  • Provide 24x7 access to your system from anywhere in the world

Some of many uses for Surveillance Camera Systems:...

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Apartment Buildings
A park with many buildings in the background
Commercial Buildings
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A group of children playing with wooden toys.
Day Care
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A playground with several swings and slides.
A restaurant with tables and chairs in front of the counter.
A row of cars parked in a garage.
Parking Lots & Garages
A large group of people in an indoor area.
Transportation Stations
A bar with a computer on the counter and chairs
Night Clubs
A large hotel with many lights on the top of it.