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CCTV Product and Installation for Outdoor and Indoor Applications

DVR / Digital Videao Recorder

        Gordon Safe & Lock is an expert in servicing and installing CCTV solutions. Whether you need a new CCTV camera system or need to have your current system diagnosed and repaired we can professionally handle your needs. We are proud to offer the following on-site services for your protection and surveillance needs: 

Surveillance Camera / CCTV services:
  • Site Surveys for new installations
  • Custom installation to fit any surveillance needs
  • WEB based CCTV systems let you view your cameras remotely 
  • IP platform CCTV Systems
  • Diagnosis and repair current systems 
  • And more....


  • Reduce your employee shrinkage

  • Reduce your losses due to theft

  • Reduce your insurance expense

  • Reduce fraudulent insurance claims by employees and customers

  • Reduce your after hours security costs

  • Increase your employees Productivity

  • Increase customer service

  • Increase customer and employee safety

  • Increase your ability to efficiently manage your business

  • Provide 24x7 access to your system from anywhere in the world

General CCTV Security camera and Surveillance camera information

Educate yourself about Security cameras & Surveillance Equipment
CCTV Glossary & Terms

Security Camera / Surveillance Camera Laws

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Some of many uses for Surveillance Camera Systems:.........

CCTV for Apartment Buildings

Apartment Buildings

CCTV for Comercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

CCTV for Airports


CCTV for Day Care

Day Care

CCTV for Schools


CCTV for Parks and Recreation Areas


CCTV for Restaurants


CCTV for Homes / Residential


CCTV for Parking Lots and Garages

Parking Lots & Garages

CCTV for Transportation Stations

Transportation Stations

CCTV for Bars and Nightclubs

Night Clubs

CCTV for Hotels


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